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Lustrous Kitchens | 4 Easy Steps to Restore the Sheen of your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Over prolonged use, wooden kitchen cabinets tend to lose their sheen and glossy appearance — this occurs due to regular exposure to high-moisture and heat conditions resulting from the process of cooking. Stains from cooking oils, dirty hands and splashing foods are common sights on the surface of wooden kitchen cabinets. This can eventually dull their appearance and damage their coating. You might consider replacing the kitchen cabinets altogether if you’re looking for a major change, but restoring the shine of your cabinets is a simple step-by-step DIY task. Bring back your kitchen cabinetry lustre with minimal effort. Gather Materials for the Task You’ll need to ensure that you have plastic drop cloths, white vinegar, olive oil, warm water, rubber gloves, clean cloths, baking soda, furniture wood polish, paintbrushes, buckets and a sponge. While you’ll probably have most of these items readily available at home, you can buy wood furniture polish from your nearest home improvement store. Start Preparing Before you start cleaning, be sure to place plastic drop cloths on the floor surface below your kitchen cabinets to prevent your floors from getting damaged. Fill half the plastic bucket with warm water and the other half with vinegar in equal proportions, so the mixture blends well together. Add some olive oil drops to this solution. The acidic properties of vinegar help to cut through grease and grime, while the warm water loosens them from the wood surface. The olive oil in the mixture is meant to give the cabinets a subtle shine. When dealing with the warm water and vinegar solution, you may want to use a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the heated water. Apply the Solution on your Kitchen Cabinets and Wipe Dry Dip a clean cloth into this homemade cleaning solution and scrub the surface of your kitchen cabinets gently to start loosening the dirt, grime and greasy build-up. For any stubborn stains, you can apply a thick paste mixture of baking soda and warm water. Use a soft clean cloth to rub against these greasy stains. Rub the wood surface of your kitchen cabinets gently to prevent any deep-rooted damage from the excess force. Once you’ve finished uplifting the stains, rinse the kitchen cabinets with clean water and a cloth. Use a soft clean cloth to dry the surface and let it remain untouched for a few hours. Polish the Surface to Restore Shine Once your kitchen cabinets have completely dried, apply wood polish to bring out the original shine of the wood. Use a paintbrush to apply the polish liquid on the surfaces of the cabinetry. These simple steps will ensure that the rich look of your wooden kitchen cabinets is retained for a long...

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4 Fixes You Should Try Before Calling a Vacuum Repair Technician

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A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in any home because it keeps living spaces free from dirt. You do not have to call a repair technician as soon as you realize your vacuum cleaner has lost suction. Try the following simple solutions first. Adjust the Height Setting It is possible that your vacuum cleaner has lost its suction power because you are operating it at a height setting that isn’t appropriate for the surface you are cleaning. Press the height control lever on the vacuum cleaner so that you lower its operating height. For example, you can lower it to the lowest level on the dial/lever if you are vacuuming a tile floor. The vacuum cleaner will be in full contact with the floor and it will gain suction power. Empty the Bag You may not have noticed that the vacuum bag/collection canister is full. Once this receptacle fills up, then the vacuum cleaner cannot work because there will be no space for it to deposit any dirt it picks up. Confirm this is the problem by checking the fill line on the bag or canister. If the dirt has surpassed that fill line then all you need to do to restore the suction power is to empty the canister or replace the bag. Unclog the Hose Another common cause of loss of suction is a clogged hose. Detach the canister or bag and look into the hose. You may see a clog inside the hose. The method of removing that clog will depend on where it is located. For instance, if the clog is where you fingers cannot reach then you may have to disconnect the entire hose and use a broomstick to push the clog gently until it exits the hose. Make the Vacuum Cleaner Airtight Air may be escaping from the base of the hose if you did not push it all the way in when you removed it the previous time. The vacuum bag may have partially fallen off so there can’t be any suction in the vacuum cleaner. Check that these components are securely fitted and adjust the component that is letting in air. Your vacuum cleaner will regain its suction power. Many times, appliances like vacuum cleaners fail due to simple user mistakes so you may not need to call for technical assistance as soon as the appliance fails to work. Use the suggestions above as a first line of approach to fix the machine then take it to a technician if none of the remedies solves the problem. If you end up needing a new vacuum cleaner, talk with someone from a company like Cleaners Warehouse (Brisbane) Pty Ltd to learn about different cleaning options that could better suit your home’s...

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Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

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No matter the time of year, it can be a good idea to re-organise things like seasonal decorations, especially if they weren’t put away properly or if they’re taking up too much room in your home. It is always important to devise an appropriate holiday decoration storage plan for your various decorations from wreaths and lights to family heirloom ornaments when deciding to put them in self storage. Here are tips regarding how to store your holiday adornments correctly for future use. Holiday storage basics Firstly, you will need the correct packing supplies including boxes and newsprint to store your holiday beautifications. Separate your decorations, including lights, candles or ornaments, into diverse boxes. Label each storage box with its respective contents to allow for easy access of the decorations. How to store particular holiday decorations Holiday lights It is recommended that holiday lights be tidily coiled to avoid the possibility of them being tangled. You can wrap the lights around a wrapping paper tube or the outer surface of a coffee can. For added protection, the light reel should be wrapped in tissue prior to hoarding in boxes. Christmas ornaments Homeowners find it quite difficult to store Christmas tree ornaments given that they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Special treatment and care should be exercised especially for handmade ornaments or family heirlooms. You can purchase any of the specially-designed decoration boxes from your local craft store to help you with storing the bigger or oddly-shaped decorations. You should also take advantage of DIY solutions such as using a cardboard egg crate to gather together smaller decorations. Candles Candles should be stored in a flat position inside the box, away from direct light exposure and in a rather cool area such as a closet or cupboard. Basically, direct sunlight makes candles distort and shed their colour. Further to that, wrap each candle using cellophane or newsprint to avert the possibility of them melting together. Wreaths Position the holiday wreath inside a storage box at all times and store it in a horizontal manner on a shelf. In case you cannot get hold of a storage box, you may choose to place a bag on top of the wreath and dangle it inside a closet or at the back of a door. Additionally, you may make use of a garment bag to lay up your wreaths or bigger holiday decorations. Avoid storing bags of wreaths above each other because the wreaths may suffer damage. Look into self storage units from businesses like Lisarow Self Storage to store items like these that only get used for a small portion of the...

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Useful Tips When Buying Bathroom Accessories

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Many people look to improve and furnish their homes but often ignore the bathroom. Just like any other room, the bathroom area needs a touch of style and creativity. The bathroom area is not just about the floors, lighting, shower head and walls; it is about other important accessories as well. When buying bathroom accessories, you should ensure that they fit in with the style and design of your bathroom. Before going out to shop, you need to make a list of the bathroom accessories you need: Towel racks Mounted soap dishes Toilet paper holders Bathroom shelves Towel rings Toothbrush holders Toilet brush holders Bathroom vanities Having a list ensures that you do not leave anything out and helps you budget for the amount you are likely to spend in purchasing bathroom accessories. Once you have a list of what you need, you should consider these two factors before buying bathroom accessories. Style and Quality Bathroom accessories come in different styles and designs. However, this should never woo you over the quality of accessories that you want. Some bathroom accessories come in appealing styles and designs but with low quality that is likely to attract maintenance or even replacement costs. The quality of bathroom accessories should be the most important factor to consider over the style and design. Price The prices of bathroom accessories vary depending on the brand and quality. While most people think that higher prices always imply good quality, this is not always the case. Prices of bathroom accessories mostly depend on the manufacturer and not the market. For this reason, a manufacturer may set a high price for a product that does not have good quality as compared to another cheaper product. When choosing the price of bathroom accessories, always check the quality first. How do you choose bathroom vanities? Bathroom vanities are important accessories in the bathroom and act as counter tops and storage for essential bathroom and shower products. When choosing bathroom vanities, there are some few factors that you need to consider. Space available. Before bathroom vanities, you need measure your showering area to ensure that they fit perfectly. Measurements should be accurate to avoid buying bathroom vanities that do not fit into the available space. Functional elements. Do you want small or large bathroom vanities? The number of people sharing the bathroom should help determine the size of the vanity in order to ensure that every person gets a cabinet for their bathroom essentials. Style and design. Bathroom vanities come in different styles such as contemporary, traditional or classic. Vanity finishes and tops are in different styles and material such as veneer wood, polished stone, tiles and laminates among others. You need to choose the design that compliments your bathroom style. Improving your bathroom with the best accessories is an opportunity to add personal touch to your home. You can experiment with different accessory designs to give your bathroom the style that is appealing to you. Contact a company like Builders Discount Warehouse to learn...

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Want to install a sauna in your home? Don’t sweat it.

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For many people, installing a sauna in the home is the ultimate luxury. This is certainly a decadent addition to any home that could lead to you having your very own spa facility right on your own property. Imagine being able to relax your tired muscles in a sauna after you run, or just unwinding with your partner on a Sunday evening with a relaxing sauna experience. As long as you have the budget set aside for it, this dream can be a reality. But installing a sauna is easier said than done, and it’s best to lean on the talents of a luxury home designer to take care of the intricacies of the installation for you. As well as having an eye for the aesthetic of sauna design, they will know the logistical issues and solutions related to sauna installation on home properties. These are a few of the things you might want to think about and raise with your designer: Gas, electricity, wood, or infrared? When you install a sauna, you have the option of four different heat sources: by gas, electricity, infrared, or with wood. There are things to keep in mind with each. Sat installation will require adequate ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. If you opt for wood fuel, you will have a rustic feel, but you’ll also have to consider the cost of installing a chimney to release the smoke. Infrared saunas can only be dry so that won’t be an option if you are set on a wet sauna. There are no boundaries with electric saunas, but you should still use electricians who are experienced with sauna installation as electricity in any wet area can be dangerous Sealing in the moisture. With any sauna, whether it is dry or wet, humidity and moisture is created, and this can be a massive problem within a home because moisture in the atmosphere and on the walls can lead to harmful mould and mildew being produced. Saunas should only be constructed with mould resistant products and there should also be adequate ventilation in the sauna area to remove humidity  when the sauna is not in use. Consider an outdoor sauna. A way of overcoming moisture from the sauna leaking into your walls is to construct a sauna in your garden instead of in a room in your home. You will, however, need to look into your local planning laws to ensure that this is feasible and the whole construction is above board. It’s also important to hire sauna specialists to build the sauna and not just regular builders or DIY experts because there is a lot of niche knowledge and expertise that needs to go into constructing a sauna within the home to make sure it is a safe place to be that gives you pleasure for many years to come. To learn more, contact a company like Grollo...

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4 Common Types of Decks for Your Home

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If you’re looking to add a deck to your backyard, you have several choices based on your design aesthetic, decking material and budget. To help you decide which type of decking best matches your needs, here are the most popular offerings in the market. Platform Decks—Platform decks are decks that are built flush against the ground. They can still feature steps, but the idea is that no portion of a platform deck is elevated or raised on posts. Platform decks are the most common and affordable type of deck, because in most cases, you don’t need to build a railing for safety. The underlayer of platform decks need to be weather treated and sealed because they are in constant contact with the ground and are more susceptible to degradation than elevated or raised decks. Standard platform decks are made from pressure-treated wood, which is rot resistant and extremely durable. Elevated Decks—If you own a home that has a first floor that is elevated, your best option is an elevated deck, which is built off the ground, and supported by posts. For additional safety, nearly all elevated decks feature safety railings and steps that provide comfortable access from the deck to the yard. The posts used to construct elevated decks are set into concrete for maximum anchoring. If you know you will be making upgrades to your decks, your contractor will increase the number of posts in order to accommodate future weight considerations. Two-Storey Decks—Two-storey decks are built for houses with two floors, with the upper deck usable as an enclosed balcony for entertaining or casual relaxation. Two-storey decks are difficult to construct because of the number of posts and bracings required to ensure that the upper deck is stable. Although wooden posts are the standard anchoring fixture, you can also use stone, brick or steel pillars to construct a two-storey deck to ensure that there is enough strength to support the upper deck. Multilevel Decks—Multilevel decks are a combination of a platform deck and an elevated deck. Some multilevel decks are connected by steps, but most are accessible simply by stepping from the lower deck to the elevated deck. Multilevel decks offer you more design options, because you can make the elevated deck bigger or smaller depending on the available space, or you can even make one deck circular and the other rectangular for a more interesting design scheme. Many homeowners like to make the lower deck bigger for entertaining, and save the elevated deck for items such as barbecues or fire pits. Learn more about these options by contacting local deck builders....

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Home Building: Ideas for Built-in Storage Space

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There are diverse factors that must be considered when building a new home so storage space is typically an afterthought. This unintentional choice is very uneconomical in the long-term; you will have to carry out renovations and remodels to create ample space as the family grows. Moreover, when the storage areas are unplanned for, the house will become disorganized and even cluttered. Here are some simple ideas to help you create convenient built-in storage space in your new home. Beneath the Stairs The space beneath the stairs is versatile and it can be used as storage. The exact application will depend on your preference as well as its orientation in relation to the front door. You can model the space into a built-in cloakroom; this is an ideal idea in homes without a dedicated room for this purpose. For enhanced organization, install a hanging rail to hold coats and scarfs and build a rack for outdoor shoes. If the space is not close to the door, you can use it as supplement storage for the pantry or even as a closet for cleaning supplies and equipment. Under-Window Cabinet The space beneath the windows is often considered unusable for practical functions. However, you can reclaim this area by installing built-in cabinets during the initial construction tasks. Ideally, the under-window cabinet should be placed directly below the sill for seamless aesthetics. The exact application of the convenient space will depend on the location and size of the storage space. Cabinets in general living spaces can be used to stow away books, magazines and journals, while those close to the bedroom and bathrooms are ideal for storing extra linen, towels and even toiletries. Cupboard in close proximity with the dining room and kitchen are suitable for storing delicate family china. Columned Room Divider Open floor plans are popular in the new home building industry due to the expediency of the design. The connected space allows smooth flow of movement which is beneficial for families with small children or for homeowners who love entertaining. If you are building a cavernous family room, you should consider creating zones for specific activities such as dining, lounging and entertainment. Install a column divider with built-in cabinet space instead of using plain wall-like features. The storage space will add visual interest to the room, preserve openness and prevent cluttering. Open divider cabinets are perfect for storing books and memorabilia as well as collections of music records and movie media. Closed alternatives are versatile so the choices will depend on your requirements. If you want to include more built-in storage in your new home, consult new home builders for further advice and...

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3 Features To Discuss With Your Patio Contractor Or Builder

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Before you move forward with having a new patio built, you want to ensure that you’ve discussed all options and features available with your contractor or builder. This will help him or her create a patio that works for you and your family for years to come, and that fits in well with your budget. Note a few features or areas of patio building that you will want to talk over with your patio builder before work begins. 1. Using poured concrete Poured concrete may not sound very attractive for a patio, but there are some things to consider about this material. One is that it can be painted or stained to look like brick, slate, or any high-end material, but for much less money. As a matter of fact, your neighbor’s stone driveway may not be real stone at all but might be poured concrete just stained to look like stone! Not only will poured concrete keep you within your budget, but it also creates a level surface that is good for tables and chairs. The concrete can look like slate but no  have the pits and crevices of slate, so that you are actually more comfortable while using your patio. Discuss this material with your builder to see if it would be the right choice for you. 2. Adding a pergola or sunshade When planning a patio, it’s not unusual to think only of the surface and how it will spread out over your yard without thinking much of the shade that you’ll get outside. You may not want a full awning over your patio as you might enjoy the sunlight, but a pergola or sunshade of some sort can keep you comfortable during the brightest of summer days. Discuss this with your builder as he or she will be able to determine where the shade should be located according to the typical sun exposure you get in that area of the yard. 3. Using recycled wood and other materials If your patio will include built-in wood furniture then you might want to discuss with your patio builder the use of recycled or reclaimed wood. You can also use recycled or reclaimed stone if you decide on that for a surface material. Using recycled items will mean keeping them out of landfills and also less need for the harvesting and treatment of virgin materials. For those who are very eco-conscious, ask your patio builder about your choices for recycled, reclaimed or salvaged materials. For more information, contact a company like Coffs Harbour Blinds &...

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Mobile Locksmiths Are Your Best Bet For A Quick Lock & Key Service

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Although mobile locksmiths offer the same services that other locksmiths provide, it is their delivery method that makes them a better option. They travel in specially-equipped vans that double up as their workplaces. This makes a huge difference when it comes to delivery of services. Read on to see why. They Are a One-stop-service for All Your Needs It’s common to call a technician to your workplace or home, only to find out that the work at hand cannot be completed on the same day. Often, such technicians will need extra supplies or tools to complete the job. This delays your plans and you have to wait several hours or till the next day for the particular service or repair to be completed. When it comes to mobile locksmiths, you’ll never have to worry about such inconveniences. With their office in tow at the back of their vehicle, they are always equipped to finish the job. They Come to You If you find yourself in a situation where your locks won’t close or you can’t get into your car, the last thing you want to do is leave your car or unlocked house behind as you go in search of a locksmith. This can easily happen if your home, business or car has been broken into or has faulty locks. In such scenarios, a mobile locksmith service ensures that you don’t have to leave your property to seek the service you need. The locksmith comes to you instead, even if you have locked yourself out of the car out in the country or by the roadside. They Are Perfect for Emergency Situations In case you have a security emergency on your hands, a mobile locksmith will get to you within a very short time. In most cases, they will reach you faster than locksmiths that work at fixed locations. They already have everything they need in their car so they don’t need to prepare to respond to your call out. Two, they operate from vehicles so all they need to do is drive to you.  These two factors mean you get to spend less time out in the cold during a lockout. Mobile locksmiths can provide you with any service you need, just like any other locksmith. They can repair or replace your locks, duplicate your keys, program a transponder key for your car, open a locked safe, re-key locks and many other...

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How To Identify The Best Cylinder Locks

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A lock cylinder is a lock mechanism in which different components, such as lock pins, are made to line up once a key is inserted in the lock so that once the key is turned, the lock opens. You should pick only the best locks with lock cylinders if you want to deter burglars from getting into your house. This article discusses some features of the best locks with lock cylinders. A One-Inch Throw A throw refers to the distance by which a deadbolt extends out of the lock and into the doorframe. The longer the distance, the stronger that lock is. This is because the deadbolt will extend deep into the doorframe, thereby making it very difficult for an intruder to use brute force to get the door open. 24-hour locksmiths say that if only homeowners can learn this then most of the calls they receive late at night will drastically reduce since home invasions will be very few. Dual Cylinders A lock that has two cylinders is one in which a key must be used to enter or exit the room. Such a lock is very good protection against intruders who may try to break a glass pane in order to insert their hand into the house so that they can open the door from inside. A double-cylinder lock will thwart such attempts so buy this kind of lock for your home. A Heavy Strike Plate A heavy strike plate (the metal through which the deadbolt enters the doorframe) is important if you are to avoid calling an emergency locksmith. If the strike plate is made from a heavy gauge material, such as steel, it will give you added protection since it will be firmly anchored in the door with strong nails so it will not be easy for a burglar to breach it. A Steel Deadbolt Steel deadbolts are an important feature of lock cylinders because intruders cannot saw off the steel. The steel can also withstand attempts to drill through it because chips from the steel will make the drill tip become mangled. This feature alone will give you peace of mind since you will know that it will not be easy to drill through your lock while you are away. You will have a limited need for an emergency locksmith when you pick a cylinder lock that has the features above. For more information or advice, contact a local 24 hour...

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