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4 Common Types of Decks for Your Home

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Common Types of Decks for Your Home

If you’re looking to add a deck to your backyard, you have several choices based on your design aesthetic, decking material and budget. To help you decide which type of decking best matches your needs, here are the most popular offerings in the market. Platform Decks—Platform decks are decks that are built flush against the ground. They can still feature steps, but the idea is that no portion of a platform deck is elevated or raised on posts. Platform decks are the most common and affordable type of deck, because in most cases, you...

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Home Building: Ideas for Built-in Storage Space

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Home Building: Ideas for Built-in Storage Space

There are diverse factors that must be considered when building a new home so storage space is typically an afterthought. This unintentional choice is very uneconomical in the long-term; you will have to carry out renovations and remodels to create ample space as the family grows. Moreover, when the storage areas are unplanned for, the house will become disorganized and even cluttered. Here are some simple ideas to help you create convenient built-in storage space in your new home. Beneath the Stairs The space beneath the stairs is versatile...

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3 Features To Discuss With Your Patio Contractor Or Builder

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Before you move forward with having a new patio built, you want to ensure that you’ve discussed all options and features available with your contractor or builder. This will help him or her create a patio that works for you and your family for years to come, and that fits in well with your budget. Note a few features or areas of patio building that you will want to talk over with your patio builder before work begins. 1. Using poured concrete Poured concrete may not sound very attractive for a patio, but there are some things to...

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Mobile Locksmiths Are Your Best Bet For A Quick Lock & Key Service

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Although mobile locksmiths offer the same services that other locksmiths provide, it is their delivery method that makes them a better option. They travel in specially-equipped vans that double up as their workplaces. This makes a huge difference when it comes to delivery of services. Read on to see why. They Are a One-stop-service for All Your Needs It’s common to call a technician to your workplace or home, only to find out that the work at hand cannot be completed on the same day. Often, such technicians will need extra supplies or...

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How To Identify The Best Cylinder Locks

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A lock cylinder is a lock mechanism in which different components, such as lock pins, are made to line up once a key is inserted in the lock so that once the key is turned, the lock opens. You should pick only the best locks with lock cylinders if you want to deter burglars from getting into your house. This article discusses some features of the best locks with lock cylinders. A One-Inch Throw A throw refers to the distance by which a deadbolt extends out of the lock and into the doorframe. The longer the distance, the stronger that lock is....

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How to Keep Cane Toads out of Your Garden

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Cane toads are rapidly spreading across Australia despite the government’s best efforts to stop them.  If you have cane toads in your area, you don’t want them to invade your garden; they are poisonous to pets, kill native species and can cause nasty skin irritation if their toxin comes into contact with your skin.  Here’s how to keep cane toads out of your garden. Toad-proof fencing Cane toads are attracted by water in which they can breed.  If you have a swimming pool or fish pond, you’ll need to...

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3 Things to Do Before Applying Epoxy Paint On Your Wood Floor

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Epoxy is made up of resin and a hardener. The hardener is a catalyst for the chemical reaction that takes place when the two substances are mixed to form a stiff plastic substance that is well known as epoxy paint. Epoxy floors are strong, durable and have the ability to endure a lot of pressure; they can be used in industrial settings. Due to these features, epoxy paint works best for concrete floors, for instance garage floors, which only require normal cleaning prior to coating. Since epoxy floor coats are easy to clean in addition to...

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2 Ways To Help Maintain Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

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Most central air conditioning units work for years without needing repair, but it’s also good to consider how to maintain it so that it doesn’t break down sooner than it should. How you use your air conditioning unit and a few other simple steps can help to avoid early repairs and keep it running optimally. Note a few tips here. 1. Clean your home’s ducts regularly The ductwork in your home can easily affect how well your air conditioning works and if you’re putting unnecessary stress on the motor and blower. Your...

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Find A Main Attraction For Your Garden To Make It Stand Out

Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When people think of a garden, they have an idea of what to expect. Top on the list is the lush, green grass and then there are the flowers and the meandering walkways to take you around the garden. However, if you want your garden to stand out, you have to step out of your comfort zone and add a final piece that commands attention and defines your garden – a main attraction. There are many ideas you can incorporate for this. Here are some ideas to get you started. Sitting areas A sitting area is the perfect addition to a garden. It lets you...

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4 Security Tips For Preventing A Break-In Through Your Garage

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An attached garage can sometimes be a favourite entry point for thieves and intruders, as it provides them with cover from the prying eyes of neighbours. A thief might also slip into your garage and steal tools, sporting goods and other expensive items and be gone before you even know someone is on your property. Because of this, it’s good to ensure your garage is as secure as possible. Consider a few tips for preventing break-ins through this area of your home. 1. Ensure your door is in good repair A metal door that is bent or dinged...

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