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Patios | 4 Creative Upgrades To Transform Your Patio Into A Summer Party Haven

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Aussies love spending time in the great outdoors, so if you have a patio in your home, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to enjoy your alfresco lifestyle during summer. If you’ve decided to host plenty of summer barbeques and soirees, then you’ll want to pimp out your patio to live the good life.  Here are some eclectic upgrades for transforming patios into summer havens. Introduce a Cocktail Bar No afternoon or evening get-together is complete without cocktails and conversations, so why not do both together? Instead of running between indoor kitchens and patios, you can build a cocktail bar to infuse a luxurious feel to your outdoor living area. Make sure you have water supply, storage units and a display area to showcase your fancy cocktail preparations. Your guests will love this idea, especially if they are the boozy kind. Craft a Seating Area You’ll naturally want your guests to be comfortably seated during the party, so be sure to create a cosy feel with seating options in a designated area. You can add a few wrought iron or timber chairs, a bamboo sofa and a fold-up dining table to give the space an eclectic feel. Choose the look you want to create based on your patio décor. For example, a stone table can give the place a rustic feel, while bistro tables are chic additions to patios. You can even add hammocks and hanging sofas for casual decorative appeal on patios. Get Groovy By Preparing a Temporary Dance Floor If your friends like to get groovy, you can add a temporary dance floor to your patio by earmarking a special corner patio area using a decorative rug or carpet. This is a great way to imbue some excitement into your party so your guests don’t just end up sitting around and chatting. Make sure your dance floor is away from the bar area because you certainly don’t want someone’s crazy dance moves breaking your expensive alcohol bottles.   Refresh Lights For A Fun Party Vibe Don’t let your party feel like a dull affair with poor lighting. You can easily brighten patios with new lights to liven the space. Give new purpose to your old chandeliers by giving it a coat of paint. Place sconce lights on your patio walls to brighten up the space. Give your outdoor space a whimsical impression by adding string lights around your patio lattice. Use these creative upgrade ideas to turn patios into summer party havens. And talk with contractors, like those at Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd, for constructing assistance with any other major patio...

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Factors to Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are interior window blinds that are designed using slats of wood mounted on a frame. Although wood is the common material used in making plantation shutters, it is possible to find custom ones made out of plastic, vinyl or other composites, which can be painted, dyed and given other finishes for an appealing look. They are attractive, versatile and cost-friendly and allow free flow of air in and out of the room during the hot season. Characteristics There are various reasons that make plantation shutters a better treatment compared to the traditional draperies and other window furnishing options. These include the following. Aesthetics. Plantation shutters are available in various sizes, finishes and mounting options. They are able to blend in with any décor that you have in your home and offer a calm and cohesive look throughout the entire room. They can also be customized to the desired configuration and style for a more personalized look. Durability. Plantation shutters are highly durable as compared to other furnishing options. Though they may be a little costly to buy and install at first, they pay off in the long run and eliminate any costs involved in replacing other types of draperies and window shutters. Low maintenance. They are easy to clean and maintain and are basically low maintenance. A damp clothe can be used to occasionally  wipe off the dust, dirt and grime in a quick wipe down. You do not even need to take them down in order to clean. When purchasing plantation shutters, there are some few factors that should be taken into consideration. These include the following. Measurement and layout The layout and measurements of your window panels should be taken before purchasing plantation shutters. The dealer should be willing to come to your place to take measurements, since shutters can only be customized based on the specific panels dimensions. If you intend on buying shutters online, you may get a local skilled dealer to take the measurements for you at a fee. Opt for shutters that fit your windows perfectly. Inside mounted vs. outside mounted Plantation shutters can be inside mounted or outside mounted. Since these are modifications that come after construction of your house, there is little you can do to adjust the space available for installation. If there is adequate space in the inside for the shutters to fit with the wall perfectly, you can have them mounted inside. However, if the interior space available is not adequate, you can have them on the outside. Installation services Purchase plantation shutters from a company that will carry out installation. This will save you from incurring any exorbitant costs of hiring a third party to install them for you. Hiring a firm that sells and installs shutters will ensure that they monitor and are accountable for the entire process. If you want to add an aesthetic appeal to your home, ensure you choose plantation shutters in the finish and style that compliments the look of your home. For more information, contact a professional services, such as Blind...

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How to Choose a Split System AC Unit

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You may have been attracted by the lack of complicated ducting systems when one installs a split system AC, and you may now want to buy a spilt system for your home. This article discusses three important factors that you should consider as you select a split system air conditioning system. Conditioning Zones Conditioning zones refer to the number of areas that you wish to heat, or cool. Buy a single zone system if you wish to cool only one area/room. Such a system will have only one indoor component (air handler/evaporator) and one outdoor component (condenser). Buy a multiple zone system if you need to condition the air in several rooms. Such a system will have several indoor units for each outdoor unit. The number of indoor units varies from one manufacturer to another. BTUs BTUs or British Standard Units are a measure of the power of an air conditioning system. One of the most important aspects that you need to consider is the total area you need to cool so that you pick a split system AC that will have the capacity to cool that area. Each indoor unit and each outdoor unit has a given BTU rating. The combination of indoor and outdoor units should match the total area that you wish to cool. Talk to an HVAC technician so that he or she can help you to assess the BTU rating that will deliver satisfactory results without using a lot of energy. Installation Mechanism This boils down to what you prefer as an individual and the conditions existing in your home. Some split system indoor units require to be mounted on a wall. Others can be mounted on the ceiling while others can be placed on the floor. Each installation system has its pros and cons so pick the one that meets your needs. For instance, wall-mounted split systems are easy to access for routine maintenance but they may disrupt the uniformity of your interior décor if their colour clashes with your colour theme. Ceiling-mounted units may be unobtrusive but it may be difficult to access them when routine maintenance work needs to be done. It will be easier for you to identify the best split system air conditioner if you use the factors above as a guide to narrow down your options from the multitudes available on the market. It may also be advisable to request a certified HVAC technician, such as those at ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse, to install the system so that you get the best of what it has to...

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Kitchen Flooring | 3 Clever Strategies For Removing Imperfections From Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl flooring from companies like Kelwin Coastal Carpets is a versatile choice for kitchens because it is available in a variety of styles, colours and designs to replicate the look of natural stone, wood and other designs. In addition, vinyl floor tiles and planks are resilient to moisture and heat, making them an excellent addition to kitchen floors. Like any other floor materials, certain stains and imperfections will compromise the stunning look of your vinyl flooring. Follow these clever strategies for removing all kinds of imperfections from vinyl flooring.  Removing General Stains From Vinyl Flooring  General stains can occur from items like red wine, juices, inks and other items that may cause an obvious blemish on your vinyl flooring. You’ll want to use mild substances to clean your floors to ensure that no undue damage is caused. Start by pouring a few drops of liquid detergent into a spray can that’s filled with water –– the detergent should be just enough to produce foam in the water. Spray the stain with the detergent solution and rub it with a sponge or brush. This should loosen the dirt on the stain, if it isn’t able to lift the stain completely. You can then apply a few drops of white vinegar on the stain and leave it for a few minutes. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which will cut through the blemished surface to remove the stain. Wipe thoroughly with a warm cloth. Your vinyl flooring stain has most likely disappeared.  Removing Scuff Marks From Vinyl Flooring  Just like any type of hard flooring, scuffmarks from shoes, heels and furniture can easily cause blemishes on kitchen vinyl flooring. These scuffmarks are relatively stubborn to remove, so regular detergent and vinegar solutions may not always work on them. Start by mixing a few spoons of baking soda and warm water to form a smooth paste, but make sure it isn’t runny. Use a sponge to rub this paste on the scuffmark to remove it. Let this sit for a while and wipe the area with a damp cloth before letting it dry. If this solution hasn’t worked to remove the scuffmark, dampen a cloth with some lighter fluid and apply it on the blemished spot. This should remove the scuffmark easily. Wipe down the area with a damp cloth and let it dry. Always use caution when working with lighter fluid because it is toxic and flammable. Use a pair of gloves to protect your skin and ensure that the cooking range is not fired up.  Removing Food Stains From Vinyl Flooring  Food stains from curries, tomato-based sauces and turmeric can sometimes leave stubborn stains on vinyl flooring. Using a solution of bleach and water is a good way to remove food stains. Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite and is a strong oxidant. The oxidation process cuts through stains to remove oily and greasy food dirt from the floor surface. Mix a few drops of bleach liquid in a small water container. Dampen a soft cloth with this solution and apply it on the stain. Let the cloth sit on the stain for a few hours, so the bleach can soak into the stain to remove it. Rinse with water and pat dry. Your food stains will be unnoticeable.  Use these clever strategies for removing...

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Are wood burning fireplaces good for the environment?

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There are few things more comforting than spending a winter night in your own home, sitting next to a roaring wood burning fire with your family. But although wood burning fires are beautiful and cosy, are they environmentally friendly? For many home owners today, this is a massive priority. Global warming is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet, and homeowners who are interested in green living are willing to pay a premium for green properties. So here’s what you need to know about the green credentials of your fireplace. Burning does release toxins. The simple fact is that when you burn anything, including firewood for heating, toxins are released into the atmosphere and this is not good for the environment. There are, however, measures you can take to ensure that the firewood you choose does the least damage possible. First of all, you need to opt for a dry wood. When a wood is still a bit green, there is more moisture, and more harmful smoke is released into the atmosphere as a result. Secondly, you want to choose a hardwood that is more efficient in terms of the heat that it provides. Some good choices are eucalyptus, oak, and hickory. If you choose a light wood like pine, you will find that it burns very quickly, and thus more trees would need to be cut down to create as much heat energy as a hardwood. Your firewood supplier matters. It’s not just the type of wood you choose that has a bearing on the energy efficiency of your wood burning fire, but also your firewood supplier. If at all possible, find a local supplier. This has two benefits. First of all, the amount of energy used to transport the wood to your home will be minimal and thus more eco-friendly. Secondly, you can get to know the supplier and ask questions about how they maintain a sustainable practice and what they do to replace trees that have been cut down. Your fire’s efficiency will also depend on your insulation. Heating your home is not the job of your fireplace alone, and your fireplace will have to work far fewer hours (thus using far less energy and releasing fewer toxins) if you have superior home insulation. There are many ways to insulate your home. You can add insulation to the attic so that heat doesn’t escape through the roof, you can layer it between your walls, and you can upgrade your window glazing to ensure that heat does not...

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3 Tips for Renovating a Kitchen in Order to Sell a Home

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If you’re thinking of putting your home on the real estate market and want to make it more desirable for homebuyers, you might think of updating your kitchen. New homebuyers appreciate an updated kitchen that won’t need much work from them once they walk through the front doors, and with a new kitchen, your home will not only attract more buyers but you may be able to increase your asking price. That being said, not every type of kitchen renovation will actually attract new buyers or get back the money you invest. Note a few tips for renovating a kitchen with the idea of selling your home. 1. Don’t over-personalize the space You may love bright, bold colors in your home or the look of a fun, retro diner in the kitchen, but when selling a home, you don’t want anything that is overly personal. This can put off buyers who don’t share your taste. This is especially important in the kitchen, where buyers may not want to spend much time and money changing the countertops or repainting around cabinets simply because you choose too many personal options. Go for neutral colors and a design that will appeal to a wide range of buyers, not just to your own taste. 2. Think storage New appliances and upgraded materials are good for kitchen renovations, but buyers also appreciate maximum storage in the kitchen. If you can build in storage areas in your kitchen, this can be a real selling feature. Consider knocking back walls to make recessed shelves, or adding cabinets that reach the ceiling to maximize the space in the kitchen. If you have the room, you might install a shelf that runs the length of one wall, just below the ceiling. This can be used to store platters and small appliances. Anything you can do to add storage will be a good choice for your kitchen renovation design. 3. Don’t overspend Don’t assume that high-end materials and expensive appliances will automatically get you top dollar for your home, as new homebuyers may not appreciate expensive slate or marble or necessarily need an oversized refrigerator. Choose upgraded materials and appliances, but also consider how you can save money on your investment. Look for recycled glass for a glass backsplash, or granite remnants for the countertops. Choose bamboo for the wood flooring, as this is often more affordable than mahogany or cherry. These options will ensure you get back the money you spend on your kitchen renovation when your home does...

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Reasons To Buy Outdoor Awnings

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If you have a patio, deck or large terrace area at your home, you may be considering installing outdoor awnings. This type of shading can enhance the time you spend outdoors, and offers protection against the sun which may help to lower your energy costs. If you are on the fence or not entirely convinced that outdoor awnings are a worthy investment, then read on to see how this purchase can offer you multiple benefits. Sun Protection — Outdoor awnings will offer you protection not just from the heat and glare of the sun but from the ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause skin lesions, skin cancer and other skin problems. Many studies have shown that UV rays break down the outer layer of your skin and prolonged exposure can lead to serious skin issues. Outdoor awnings are made from fabric material that provides outstanding protection from UV rays. Most awnings feature UV labels that tell you what percentage of UV rays the awning blocks. You should try to buy awnings with a UV protection rating of at least 85%, which means the awnings block out 85% of all UV rays. Lower Energy Costs — Outdoor awnings can also provide shading for the interior of your home, especially during the hot summer months. By blocking out sunlight at the back of your house, awnings help to reduce the temperature inside your home, which means that you can rely less on your air conditioning to keep things cool. And if you’re worried that an awning may prevent heat from entering your home during cold winter months, invest in a retractable awning, which folds up when not in use and allows heat to enter your windows during those frigid months when your home needs that additional warmth. Enhances Curb Appeal — Curb appeal is a real estate term that refers to the way your house appears to the outside world. Outdoor awnings can increase the value of your home by making your patio, deck and terrace look more appealing. Because you can buy awnings in a wide variety of colours, styles and designs, you can elevate the appearance of your home and increase the property value at the same time. And if you decide to sell your house a few years down the line, you can factor in the additional value that the outdoor awning brings to the property. For more information about outdoor awnings, contact a company like the Blind...

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Lustrous Kitchens | 4 Easy Steps to Restore the Sheen of your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

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Over prolonged use, wooden kitchen cabinets tend to lose their sheen and glossy appearance — this occurs due to regular exposure to high-moisture and heat conditions resulting from the process of cooking. Stains from cooking oils, dirty hands and splashing foods are common sights on the surface of wooden kitchen cabinets. This can eventually dull their appearance and damage their coating. You might consider replacing the kitchen cabinets altogether if you’re looking for a major change, but restoring the shine of your cabinets is a simple step-by-step DIY task. Bring back your kitchen cabinetry lustre with minimal effort. Gather Materials for the Task You’ll need to ensure that you have plastic drop cloths, white vinegar, olive oil, warm water, rubber gloves, clean cloths, baking soda, furniture wood polish, paintbrushes, buckets and a sponge. While you’ll probably have most of these items readily available at home, you can buy wood furniture polish from your nearest home improvement store. Start Preparing Before you start cleaning, be sure to place plastic drop cloths on the floor surface below your kitchen cabinets to prevent your floors from getting damaged. Fill half the plastic bucket with warm water and the other half with vinegar in equal proportions, so the mixture blends well together. Add some olive oil drops to this solution. The acidic properties of vinegar help to cut through grease and grime, while the warm water loosens them from the wood surface. The olive oil in the mixture is meant to give the cabinets a subtle shine. When dealing with the warm water and vinegar solution, you may want to use a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the heated water. Apply the Solution on your Kitchen Cabinets and Wipe Dry Dip a clean cloth into this homemade cleaning solution and scrub the surface of your kitchen cabinets gently to start loosening the dirt, grime and greasy build-up. For any stubborn stains, you can apply a thick paste mixture of baking soda and warm water. Use a soft clean cloth to rub against these greasy stains. Rub the wood surface of your kitchen cabinets gently to prevent any deep-rooted damage from the excess force. Once you’ve finished uplifting the stains, rinse the kitchen cabinets with clean water and a cloth. Use a soft clean cloth to dry the surface and let it remain untouched for a few hours. Polish the Surface to Restore Shine Once your kitchen cabinets have completely dried, apply wood polish to bring out the original shine of the wood. Use a paintbrush to apply the polish liquid on the surfaces of the cabinetry. These simple steps will ensure that the rich look of your wooden kitchen cabinets is retained for a long...

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4 Fixes You Should Try Before Calling a Vacuum Repair Technician

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A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in any home because it keeps living spaces free from dirt. You do not have to call a repair technician as soon as you realize your vacuum cleaner has lost suction. Try the following simple solutions first. Adjust the Height Setting It is possible that your vacuum cleaner has lost its suction power because you are operating it at a height setting that isn’t appropriate for the surface you are cleaning. Press the height control lever on the vacuum cleaner so that you lower its operating height. For example, you can lower it to the lowest level on the dial/lever if you are vacuuming a tile floor. The vacuum cleaner will be in full contact with the floor and it will gain suction power. Empty the Bag You may not have noticed that the vacuum bag/collection canister is full. Once this receptacle fills up, then the vacuum cleaner cannot work because there will be no space for it to deposit any dirt it picks up. Confirm this is the problem by checking the fill line on the bag or canister. If the dirt has surpassed that fill line then all you need to do to restore the suction power is to empty the canister or replace the bag. Unclog the Hose Another common cause of loss of suction is a clogged hose. Detach the canister or bag and look into the hose. You may see a clog inside the hose. The method of removing that clog will depend on where it is located. For instance, if the clog is where you fingers cannot reach then you may have to disconnect the entire hose and use a broomstick to push the clog gently until it exits the hose. Make the Vacuum Cleaner Airtight Air may be escaping from the base of the hose if you did not push it all the way in when you removed it the previous time. The vacuum bag may have partially fallen off so there can’t be any suction in the vacuum cleaner. Check that these components are securely fitted and adjust the component that is letting in air. Your vacuum cleaner will regain its suction power. Many times, appliances like vacuum cleaners fail due to simple user mistakes so you may not need to call for technical assistance as soon as the appliance fails to work. Use the suggestions above as a first line of approach to fix the machine then take it to a technician if none of the remedies solves the problem. If you end up needing a new vacuum cleaner, talk with someone from a company like Cleaners Warehouse (Brisbane) Pty Ltd to learn about different cleaning options that could better suit your home’s...

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Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

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No matter the time of year, it can be a good idea to re-organise things like seasonal decorations, especially if they weren’t put away properly or if they’re taking up too much room in your home. It is always important to devise an appropriate holiday decoration storage plan for your various decorations from wreaths and lights to family heirloom ornaments when deciding to put them in self storage. Here are tips regarding how to store your holiday adornments correctly for future use. Holiday storage basics Firstly, you will need the correct packing supplies including boxes and newsprint to store your holiday beautifications. Separate your decorations, including lights, candles or ornaments, into diverse boxes. Label each storage box with its respective contents to allow for easy access of the decorations. How to store particular holiday decorations Holiday lights It is recommended that holiday lights be tidily coiled to avoid the possibility of them being tangled. You can wrap the lights around a wrapping paper tube or the outer surface of a coffee can. For added protection, the light reel should be wrapped in tissue prior to hoarding in boxes. Christmas ornaments Homeowners find it quite difficult to store Christmas tree ornaments given that they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Special treatment and care should be exercised especially for handmade ornaments or family heirlooms. You can purchase any of the specially-designed decoration boxes from your local craft store to help you with storing the bigger or oddly-shaped decorations. You should also take advantage of DIY solutions such as using a cardboard egg crate to gather together smaller decorations. Candles Candles should be stored in a flat position inside the box, away from direct light exposure and in a rather cool area such as a closet or cupboard. Basically, direct sunlight makes candles distort and shed their colour. Further to that, wrap each candle using cellophane or newsprint to avert the possibility of them melting together. Wreaths Position the holiday wreath inside a storage box at all times and store it in a horizontal manner on a shelf. In case you cannot get hold of a storage box, you may choose to place a bag on top of the wreath and dangle it inside a closet or at the back of a door. Additionally, you may make use of a garment bag to lay up your wreaths or bigger holiday decorations. Avoid storing bags of wreaths above each other because the wreaths may suffer damage. Look into self storage units from businesses like Lisarow Self Storage to store items like these that only get used for a small portion of the...

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