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Pictures taken from Nexus 4

I spent an afternoon at the Botanic Gardens testing the camera of the Nexus 4. With no post processing at all, I think they turned out pretty well. Some were taken with HDR and some without. I can’t remember which are which now.


To put it in simplified terms HDR, or High Dynamic Range Imaging, is a process that evens out the darkest and lightest parts of a photo. When one selects the HDR option, the camera takes two or three photographs at different exposure settings and stitches them together. The resultant photograph is one that is without the glare from any bright sources of light such as the sun (which affects the top part of an outdoor photo).


The healing garden is a very big garden… I got a bit lost trying to find the exit, and in the end I wound up at the wrong exit. The uneven gradient throughout the garden makes it even more exasperating. Still, it was interesting seeing all the herbs from all over the world and reading about their effects.


I really love this photo. It looks like a nice stroll through a countryside. More importantly, it looks like it was taken during a time when the temperature is nice and cool – an optical illusion in hot and humid Singapore! This photo probably had HDR activated, which explains why the sky doesn’t seem as bright and bleary as the photo below.


HDR probably not activated for this photo.


Look at the bright sun! No HDR for sure. These sculptures are part of a series by Zadok Ben-David on exhibition at the Botanic Gardens. They are made of iron, so as they are exposed to the elements and rusts the iron metal oxidises into iron oxide and flakes away. Given enough time, they will corrode into nothing but flecks of FeO undulating in the wind together with other dust particles. Not as ephemeral as the snap moments caught by high speed  photography, but an apt comment on the brevity of life nonetheless.


Another HDR-enabled photo.


I like this photo too, it sort of reminds me of the waterfall in Gardens by the Bay.


The Sundial Garden has a very symmetrical architecture.


The photo sphere didn’t come out as well as I had hoped. Part of the reason was I couldn’t really see the screen and had to guess at the alignment of the photos (I dimmed the screen to minimum brightness to preserve the battery level.)

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The End of a Long Journey

On this day the 4th of May 2011 I took the last paper (EL4201 Syntax) in my NUS BA (Hons) life.

Just recording the moment down.

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