4 Security Tips For Preventing A Break-In Through Your Garage

Posted on: 10 February 2015

An attached garage can sometimes be a favourite entry point for thieves and intruders, as it provides them with cover from the prying eyes of neighbours. A thief might also slip into your garage and steal tools, sporting goods and other expensive items and be gone before you even know someone is on your property.

Because of this, it's good to ensure your garage is as secure as possible. Consider a few tips for preventing break-ins through this area of your home.

1. Ensure your door is in good repair

A metal door that is bent or dinged is more easy for a thief or intruder to open, as these flaws compromise its overall strength. An intruder can more readily slip a pry bar into an area of the door that is bent and pull it away from the door frame just enough to slip in. Remember that they don't need much space to slide themselves through the doorway, so even a slight ding or dent can be enough for them to enter your garage and then your home. A specialist like Greg James Garage Doors can help you maintain your garage door properly.

2. Install an inside lock on the garage door

The handle to your garage may lock from the outside, but these locks are usually very small, lightweight, and plastic, and in turn they're easy to break off with just the swing of a hammer. To increase security, install a lock on the inside of the garage door. A thick sliding deadbolt will keep anyone from being able to open the garage door as these are virtually impossible to break from the outside.

3. Cover the windows

Thieves and intruders usually like to check out a home before they enter, to know if there is something worth stealing. This is why it's important to cover the garage windows, including those on the garage door itself. You can buy frosted film that you cut, peel and stick to the windows, and this allows in light for when you're working in the garage but blocks the view of any potential thief or intruder.

4. Ensure your alarm system extends to the garage

Not all homeowners have their alarm systems extend to the actual garage door and windows of the garage, but this is important for increasing your home's security. If necessary, have your alarm company create an additional zone in your system that includes the garage door and any back entrances to the garage, or have a separate system installed for the garage itself.