Why Teak Furniture Is Ideal For Your Outdoor Space

Posted on: 11 August 2016

To make your exterior living space, whether it's a patio or a deck, comfortable, you need to invest in some furniture. Typically, homeowners will gravitate toward cheap furniture pieces assuming that since the elements will affect them anyway, there would be no reason to invest in classic materials. As such, plastic furniture tend to be commonplace as outdoor furniture. However, cheap does not always enhance the aesthetics of this living space. If you would like to create a living space that is great for hosting and entertaining, then you should consider aesthetically appealing furniture just as you would for the indoors. One of the options that you could consider is teak furniture. The following are some of the reasons why teak furniture is ideal for your outdoor living space.

Teak furniture is virtually maintenance free

One of the biggest benefits of using teak furniture for the outdoors is that it requires minimal maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. Outdoor furniture tends to change colour over time due to exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. As such, you will find some materials such as plastic or metal may require repainting to restore their original appearance.

Teak furniture, on the other hand, innately changes colour from honey blond to a greyish tan due to sun exposure. This does not mean it is fading though, and your outdoor teak furniture will remain attractive. Nevertheless, if you would like to maintain the golden colour of the teak, then you could seal it before putting the furniture outdoors. To clean your teak furniture, all you would need is mild detergent and water to eliminate grime. Teak can dry off in the sun without warping or cracking.

Teak furniture is water resistant

Another reason to consider teak for your outdoor furniture is its high resistance to humidity and moisture. Typically, when wood species are exposed to water on a regular basis, their structural integrity will gradually become compromised. The wood will begin to expand and contract. This will cause it to warp, buckle and eventually stop being structurally sound.

Teak furniture, on the other hand, has innately high oil levels within the wood. This makes it highly resistant to water damage. As such, you can have your teak furniture outdoors and not worry about it being rained on or being affected by atmospheric humidity over time. The high moisture resistance also makes teak less susceptible to rotting as compared to other wood species.

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