3 Things to Do Before Applying Epoxy Paint On Your Wood Floor

Posted on: 13 March 2015

Epoxy is made up of resin and a hardener. The hardener is a catalyst for the chemical reaction that takes place when the two substances are mixed to form a stiff plastic substance that is well known as epoxy paint. Epoxy floors are strong, durable and have the ability to endure a lot of pressure; they can be used in industrial settings. Due to these features, epoxy paint works best for concrete floors, for instance garage floors, which only require normal cleaning prior to coating.

Since epoxy floor coats are easy to clean in addition to their durability and strength, people now apply them on wood floors. However, unlike concrete floors, there are a few things that you need to do, before your wood floor is ready for epoxy coating. Read on to find out.

Clean the Wood Floor

You may be wondering how cleaning a wood floor in preparation for epoxy paint is a different procedure from preparing a concrete floor for epoxy painting. However, the two floors have different features. Wood products usually contain various chemicals, which may include adhesives and glues; these chemicals are not present on concrete floors. Adhesives and glues hinder proper bonding of epoxy and woods floors, hence the need to have them wiped out before the coating process.

Remove Wood Floor Sealers

Sealers are used to put together wood pieces in construction of a wood floor. In addition, wood finishing involves application of varnish to add to polish and safeguard wood. Both varnish and sealers on the surface can make epoxy coating impossible. Therefore, before the coating process, a wood floor must undergo sanding to remove the sealers as well as varnish. A floor grinder or simply a power or palm sander can be used to remove the varnish. Sanders can also help with elimination of other chemicals on wood floors.

Apply Acrylic Latex Primer

Epoxy paint easily sticks to a concrete floor; however, the paint may not adhere to a plain wood floor. Therefore, priming comes in to make the paint stick and using acrylic latex primer is a better option than a vinyl primer. A roller is used to spread acrylic latex primer on wood floor. Thereafter, allow your wood floor to dry for two to three hours before coating it with epoxy paint.

Try the three tips above and if you have any questions check out epoxy floor coating specialists near you.