How To Identify The Best Cylinder Locks

Posted on: 13 April 2015

A lock cylinder is a lock mechanism in which different components, such as lock pins, are made to line up once a key is inserted in the lock so that once the key is turned, the lock opens. You should pick only the best locks with lock cylinders if you want to deter burglars from getting into your house. This article discusses some features of the best locks with lock cylinders.

A One-Inch Throw

A throw refers to the distance by which a deadbolt extends out of the lock and into the doorframe. The longer the distance, the stronger that lock is. This is because the deadbolt will extend deep into the doorframe, thereby making it very difficult for an intruder to use brute force to get the door open. 24-hour locksmiths say that if only homeowners can learn this then most of the calls they receive late at night will drastically reduce since home invasions will be very few.

Dual Cylinders

A lock that has two cylinders is one in which a key must be used to enter or exit the room. Such a lock is very good protection against intruders who may try to break a glass pane in order to insert their hand into the house so that they can open the door from inside. A double-cylinder lock will thwart such attempts so buy this kind of lock for your home.

A Heavy Strike Plate

A heavy strike plate (the metal through which the deadbolt enters the doorframe) is important if you are to avoid calling an emergency locksmith. If the strike plate is made from a heavy gauge material, such as steel, it will give you added protection since it will be firmly anchored in the door with strong nails so it will not be easy for a burglar to breach it.

A Steel Deadbolt

Steel deadbolts are an important feature of lock cylinders because intruders cannot saw off the steel. The steel can also withstand attempts to drill through it because chips from the steel will make the drill tip become mangled. This feature alone will give you peace of mind since you will know that it will not be easy to drill through your lock while you are away.

You will have a limited need for an emergency locksmith when you pick a cylinder lock that has the features above. For more information or advice, contact a local 24 hour locksmith.