3 Features To Discuss With Your Patio Contractor Or Builder

Posted on: 11 May 2015

Before you move forward with having a new patio built, you want to ensure that you've discussed all options and features available with your contractor or builder. This will help him or her create a patio that works for you and your family for years to come, and that fits in well with your budget. Note a few features or areas of patio building that you will want to talk over with your patio builder before work begins.

1. Using poured concrete

Poured concrete may not sound very attractive for a patio, but there are some things to consider about this material. One is that it can be painted or stained to look like brick, slate, or any high-end material, but for much less money. As a matter of fact, your neighbor's stone driveway may not be real stone at all but might be poured concrete just stained to look like stone!

Not only will poured concrete keep you within your budget, but it also creates a level surface that is good for tables and chairs. The concrete can look like slate but no  have the pits and crevices of slate, so that you are actually more comfortable while using your patio. Discuss this material with your builder to see if it would be the right choice for you.

2. Adding a pergola or sunshade

When planning a patio, it's not unusual to think only of the surface and how it will spread out over your yard without thinking much of the shade that you'll get outside. You may not want a full awning over your patio as you might enjoy the sunlight, but a pergola or sunshade of some sort can keep you comfortable during the brightest of summer days. Discuss this with your builder as he or she will be able to determine where the shade should be located according to the typical sun exposure you get in that area of the yard.

3. Using recycled wood and other materials

If your patio will include built-in wood furniture then you might want to discuss with your patio builder the use of recycled or reclaimed wood. You can also use recycled or reclaimed stone if you decide on that for a surface material. Using recycled items will mean keeping them out of landfills and also less need for the harvesting and treatment of virgin materials. For those who are very eco-conscious, ask your patio builder about your choices for recycled, reclaimed or salvaged materials.

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