Home Building: Ideas for Built-in Storage Space

Posted on: 28 May 2015

There are diverse factors that must be considered when building a new home so storage space is typically an afterthought. This unintentional choice is very uneconomical in the long-term; you will have to carry out renovations and remodels to create ample space as the family grows. Moreover, when the storage areas are unplanned for, the house will become disorganized and even cluttered. Here are some simple ideas to help you create convenient built-in storage space in your new home.

Beneath the Stairs

The space beneath the stairs is versatile and it can be used as storage. The exact application will depend on your preference as well as its orientation in relation to the front door. You can model the space into a built-in cloakroom; this is an ideal idea in homes without a dedicated room for this purpose. For enhanced organization, install a hanging rail to hold coats and scarfs and build a rack for outdoor shoes. If the space is not close to the door, you can use it as supplement storage for the pantry or even as a closet for cleaning supplies and equipment.

Under-Window Cabinet

The space beneath the windows is often considered unusable for practical functions. However, you can reclaim this area by installing built-in cabinets during the initial construction tasks. Ideally, the under-window cabinet should be placed directly below the sill for seamless aesthetics. The exact application of the convenient space will depend on the location and size of the storage space.

Cabinets in general living spaces can be used to stow away books, magazines and journals, while those close to the bedroom and bathrooms are ideal for storing extra linen, towels and even toiletries. Cupboard in close proximity with the dining room and kitchen are suitable for storing delicate family china.

Columned Room Divider

Open floor plans are popular in the new home building industry due to the expediency of the design. The connected space allows smooth flow of movement which is beneficial for families with small children or for homeowners who love entertaining. If you are building a cavernous family room, you should consider creating zones for specific activities such as dining, lounging and entertainment.

Install a column divider with built-in cabinet space instead of using plain wall-like features. The storage space will add visual interest to the room, preserve openness and prevent cluttering. Open divider cabinets are perfect for storing books and memorabilia as well as collections of music records and movie media. Closed alternatives are versatile so the choices will depend on your requirements.

If you want to include more built-in storage in your new home, consult new home builders for further advice and assistance.