Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Posted on: 27 July 2015

No matter the time of year, it can be a good idea to re-organise things like seasonal decorations, especially if they weren't put away properly or if they're taking up too much room in your home. It is always important to devise an appropriate holiday decoration storage plan for your various decorations from wreaths and lights to family heirloom ornaments when deciding to put them in self storage. Here are tips regarding how to store your holiday adornments correctly for future use.

Holiday storage basics

Firstly, you will need the correct packing supplies including boxes and newsprint to store your holiday beautifications. Separate your decorations, including lights, candles or ornaments, into diverse boxes. Label each storage box with its respective contents to allow for easy access of the decorations.

How to store particular holiday decorations

Holiday lights

It is recommended that holiday lights be tidily coiled to avoid the possibility of them being tangled. You can wrap the lights around a wrapping paper tube or the outer surface of a coffee can. For added protection, the light reel should be wrapped in tissue prior to hoarding in boxes.

Christmas ornaments

Homeowners find it quite difficult to store Christmas tree ornaments given that they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Special treatment and care should be exercised especially for handmade ornaments or family heirlooms. You can purchase any of the specially-designed decoration boxes from your local craft store to help you with storing the bigger or oddly-shaped decorations. You should also take advantage of DIY solutions such as using a cardboard egg crate to gather together smaller decorations.


Candles should be stored in a flat position inside the box, away from direct light exposure and in a rather cool area such as a closet or cupboard. Basically, direct sunlight makes candles distort and shed their colour. Further to that, wrap each candle using cellophane or newsprint to avert the possibility of them melting together.


Position the holiday wreath inside a storage box at all times and store it in a horizontal manner on a shelf. In case you cannot get hold of a storage box, you may choose to place a bag on top of the wreath and dangle it inside a closet or at the back of a door. Additionally, you may make use of a garment bag to lay up your wreaths or bigger holiday decorations. Avoid storing bags of wreaths above each other because the wreaths may suffer damage.

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