4 Fixes You Should Try Before Calling a Vacuum Repair Technician

Posted on: 6 August 2015

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in any home because it keeps living spaces free from dirt. You do not have to call a repair technician as soon as you realize your vacuum cleaner has lost suction. Try the following simple solutions first.

Adjust the Height Setting

It is possible that your vacuum cleaner has lost its suction power because you are operating it at a height setting that isn't appropriate for the surface you are cleaning. Press the height control lever on the vacuum cleaner so that you lower its operating height. For example, you can lower it to the lowest level on the dial/lever if you are vacuuming a tile floor. The vacuum cleaner will be in full contact with the floor and it will gain suction power.

Empty the Bag

You may not have noticed that the vacuum bag/collection canister is full. Once this receptacle fills up, then the vacuum cleaner cannot work because there will be no space for it to deposit any dirt it picks up. Confirm this is the problem by checking the fill line on the bag or canister. If the dirt has surpassed that fill line then all you need to do to restore the suction power is to empty the canister or replace the bag.

Unclog the Hose

Another common cause of loss of suction is a clogged hose. Detach the canister or bag and look into the hose. You may see a clog inside the hose. The method of removing that clog will depend on where it is located. For instance, if the clog is where you fingers cannot reach then you may have to disconnect the entire hose and use a broomstick to push the clog gently until it exits the hose.

Make the Vacuum Cleaner Airtight

Air may be escaping from the base of the hose if you did not push it all the way in when you removed it the previous time. The vacuum bag may have partially fallen off so there can't be any suction in the vacuum cleaner. Check that these components are securely fitted and adjust the component that is letting in air. Your vacuum cleaner will regain its suction power.

Many times, appliances like vacuum cleaners fail due to simple user mistakes so you may not need to call for technical assistance as soon as the appliance fails to work. Use the suggestions above as a first line of approach to fix the machine then take it to a technician if none of the remedies solves the problem. If you end up needing a new vacuum cleaner, talk with someone from a company like Cleaners Warehouse (Brisbane) Pty Ltd to learn about different cleaning options that could better suit your home's needs.