3 Tips for Renovating a Kitchen in Order to Sell a Home

Posted on: 16 September 2015

If you're thinking of putting your home on the real estate market and want to make it more desirable for homebuyers, you might think of updating your kitchen. New homebuyers appreciate an updated kitchen that won't need much work from them once they walk through the front doors, and with a new kitchen, your home will not only attract more buyers but you may be able to increase your asking price.

That being said, not every type of kitchen renovation will actually attract new buyers or get back the money you invest. Note a few tips for renovating a kitchen with the idea of selling your home.

1. Don't over-personalize the space

You may love bright, bold colors in your home or the look of a fun, retro diner in the kitchen, but when selling a home, you don't want anything that is overly personal. This can put off buyers who don't share your taste. This is especially important in the kitchen, where buyers may not want to spend much time and money changing the countertops or repainting around cabinets simply because you choose too many personal options. Go for neutral colors and a design that will appeal to a wide range of buyers, not just to your own taste.

2. Think storage

New appliances and upgraded materials are good for kitchen renovations, but buyers also appreciate maximum storage in the kitchen. If you can build in storage areas in your kitchen, this can be a real selling feature. Consider knocking back walls to make recessed shelves, or adding cabinets that reach the ceiling to maximize the space in the kitchen. If you have the room, you might install a shelf that runs the length of one wall, just below the ceiling. This can be used to store platters and small appliances. Anything you can do to add storage will be a good choice for your kitchen renovation design.

3. Don't overspend

Don't assume that high-end materials and expensive appliances will automatically get you top dollar for your home, as new homebuyers may not appreciate expensive slate or marble or necessarily need an oversized refrigerator. Choose upgraded materials and appliances, but also consider how you can save money on your investment. Look for recycled glass for a glass backsplash, or granite remnants for the countertops. Choose bamboo for the wood flooring, as this is often more affordable than mahogany or cherry. These options will ensure you get back the money you spend on your kitchen renovation when your home does sell.