Factors to Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters

Posted on: 4 November 2015

Plantation shutters are interior window blinds that are designed using slats of wood mounted on a frame. Although wood is the common material used in making plantation shutters, it is possible to find custom ones made out of plastic, vinyl or other composites, which can be painted, dyed and given other finishes for an appealing look. They are attractive, versatile and cost-friendly and allow free flow of air in and out of the room during the hot season.


There are various reasons that make plantation shutters a better treatment compared to the traditional draperies and other window furnishing options. These include the following.

  • Aesthetics. Plantation shutters are available in various sizes, finishes and mounting options. They are able to blend in with any décor that you have in your home and offer a calm and cohesive look throughout the entire room. They can also be customized to the desired configuration and style for a more personalized look.
  • Durability. Plantation shutters are highly durable as compared to other furnishing options. Though they may be a little costly to buy and install at first, they pay off in the long run and eliminate any costs involved in replacing other types of draperies and window shutters.
  • Low maintenance. They are easy to clean and maintain and are basically low maintenance. A damp clothe can be used to occasionally  wipe off the dust, dirt and grime in a quick wipe down. You do not even need to take them down in order to clean.

When purchasing plantation shutters, there are some few factors that should be taken into consideration. These include the following.

Measurement and layout

The layout and measurements of your window panels should be taken before purchasing plantation shutters. The dealer should be willing to come to your place to take measurements, since shutters can only be customized based on the specific panels dimensions. If you intend on buying shutters online, you may get a local skilled dealer to take the measurements for you at a fee. Opt for shutters that fit your windows perfectly.

Inside mounted vs. outside mounted

Plantation shutters can be inside mounted or outside mounted. Since these are modifications that come after construction of your house, there is little you can do to adjust the space available for installation. If there is adequate space in the inside for the shutters to fit with the wall perfectly, you can have them mounted inside. However, if the interior space available is not adequate, you can have them on the outside.

Installation services

Purchase plantation shutters from a company that will carry out installation. This will save you from incurring any exorbitant costs of hiring a third party to install them for you. Hiring a firm that sells and installs shutters will ensure that they monitor and are accountable for the entire process.

If you want to add an aesthetic appeal to your home, ensure you choose plantation shutters in the finish and style that compliments the look of your home. For more information, contact a professional services, such as Blind Inspiration.