Patios | 4 Creative Upgrades To Transform Your Patio Into A Summer Party Haven

Posted on: 18 November 2015

Aussies love spending time in the great outdoors, so if you have a patio in your home, there's no doubt that you'll want to enjoy your alfresco lifestyle during summer. If you've decided to host plenty of summer barbeques and soirees, then you'll want to pimp out your patio to live the good life.  Here are some eclectic upgrades for transforming patios into summer havens.

Introduce a Cocktail Bar

No afternoon or evening get-together is complete without cocktails and conversations, so why not do both together? Instead of running between indoor kitchens and patios, you can build a cocktail bar to infuse a luxurious feel to your outdoor living area. Make sure you have water supply, storage units and a display area to showcase your fancy cocktail preparations. Your guests will love this idea, especially if they are the boozy kind.

Craft a Seating Area

You'll naturally want your guests to be comfortably seated during the party, so be sure to create a cosy feel with seating options in a designated area. You can add a few wrought iron or timber chairs, a bamboo sofa and a fold-up dining table to give the space an eclectic feel. Choose the look you want to create based on your patio décor. For example, a stone table can give the place a rustic feel, while bistro tables are chic additions to patios. You can even add hammocks and hanging sofas for casual decorative appeal on patios.

Get Groovy By Preparing a Temporary Dance Floor

If your friends like to get groovy, you can add a temporary dance floor to your patio by earmarking a special corner patio area using a decorative rug or carpet. This is a great way to imbue some excitement into your party so your guests don't just end up sitting around and chatting. Make sure your dance floor is away from the bar area because you certainly don't want someone's crazy dance moves breaking your expensive alcohol bottles.  

Refresh Lights For A Fun Party Vibe

Don't let your party feel like a dull affair with poor lighting. You can easily brighten patios with new lights to liven the space. Give new purpose to your old chandeliers by giving it a coat of paint. Place sconce lights on your patio walls to brighten up the space. Give your outdoor space a whimsical impression by adding string lights around your patio lattice.

Use these creative upgrade ideas to turn patios into summer party havens. And talk with contractors, like those at Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd, for constructing assistance with any other major patio renovations.