Bathroom Renovations: 4 Toilet Styles You Should Consider for Your Refurbished Bathroom

Posted on: 20 January 2016

While toilets certainly don't make for stimulating conversation, you need to be well-versed in your options when making a change during your bathroom renovations –– especially if you've decided to replace your old toilet with a new one. This guide is designed to help you distinguish between different toilet styles so you can identify the one best suited to your specific bathroom needs.

Wall-Faced Toilets

Wall-faced toilets sit the flush against your bathroom wall and feature a sleek, modern look for any contemporary-styled bathroom. The flush tank or cistern and pipework are hidden within the wall of the bathroom, giving the space a neater finish. Wall-faced toilets are supremely easy to clean and work well in space-crunched small bathrooms. The cistern concealed within the wall makes them slightly more expensive to install, but the aesthetic appeal and space-saving value they bring to bathroom renovations is unmatched.

Close Coupled Toilets

More traditional in appearance than wall-faced toilets, the close-coupled toilet features a flush tank or cistern that sits directly above the toilet pan instead of the wall. In this case, the pipes connecting the cistern to the toilet pan are exposed. This is a relatively inexpensive toilet solution, making it suited to most mid-budget bathroom renovations. While this toilet design offers tidy lines, the gap between the back of the toilet and the wall can be tricky when it comes to cleaning.

Back-to-wall Toilets

Back-to-wall toilets are fixed to bathroom wall surfaces and represent a more traditional toilet style, similar to close-coupled toilets. In this case, the pipes connecting the cistern to the toilet pan are subtly hidden thanks to the cistern attachment on the wall. The difference between back-to-wall and close-coupled toilets lies in the cistern attachment, where the former is attached to the wall and the latter to the toilet pan. These types of toilets also fall in the mid-range price category for your bathroom renovations. 

Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets are perhaps the most modern toilet styles available today. These toilets are mounted to a wall bracket and are lifted completely off the ground, making them supremely easy to clean around. Featuring a concealed cistern located unobtrusively inside the wall, you'll relish the uncluttered appearance wall-hung toilets can bring to small bathrooms. While relatively more expensive to install than other toilet styles, wall-hung toilets are well worth the price when you consider their visual and functional appeal in smaller bathrooms.

Take the time to consider these different toilet styles when planning your bathroom renovations. Contact companies like Summit Bathrooms to learn more about your options.