Split Air Conditioners | 3 Tricks To Elongate The Lifespan Of Your Split Cooling Unit

Posted on: 10 February 2016

Split system air conditioners are ideal for cooling rooms without taking up too much space on walls or windows. Like any other electrical device, your AC is subject to regular wear and tear. Consisting of both outdoor and indoor units, these split system air conditioners needs proper maintenance and care to keep them functioning for longer.  Here are some tricks to help you elongate the lifespan of your split cooling unit.

Clean The Outdoor Condenser Unit Regularly

Split system air conditioners have outdoor and indoor units that work together to cool down your room. But the outdoor unit is susceptible to dirt, debris, leaves and other pollutants. When these pollutants block the outdoor condenser unit, your split AC will need to work harder to cool the room. This will not only stress out your AC and cause it to overheat, but it will also push up your energy bills. Cleaning involves hosing down the unit and vacuuming the condenser fins to remove dirt and debris. You can either choose to clean the condenser unit on your own, or you can get an AC professional to clean the unit professionally every once in a while.

Vacuum The Indoor AC Vents And Ensure Free Airflow

The indoor AC vents ensure that cool air flows from the unit into the room. But over time, these vents may get filled with dust and grime, especially if they are not cleaned for long periods. This will severely affect your indoor air quality because it will become laden with dust as it circulates through the room. You should ideally vacuum any dust and debris from the air vents to maintain cool airflow. Make sure that items like furniture, blinds and toys are kept away from the vents to allow undisturbed flow of air through the room.

Clean Or Replace Your AC Filter

Air conditioning filters are vital to ensuring that the cool air in your room is clean. This netted component blocks all debris and dust from entering your room by acting as a filter. But over time, this air filter is bound to be laden with dust and debris. Blocked air filters filled with dirt will cause your unit to work extra hard to cool down the room. You will either need clean the air filter with a vacuum cleaner and hose or you will need to replace it completely. Air filters are usually available at home improvement stores, but you will need to select one based on the make and model of your split AC.