How To Throw A Rocking '60s Style party For Your Loved One's Fiftieth Birthday

Posted on: 9 March 2016

A fiftieth birthday is a huge milestone in a person's life and many people see it as an occasion to celebrate. If you are throwing a party for a loved one's fiftieth birthday, you may be thinking about having a fun and appropriate them for such a momentous occasion. As people turning fifty at the moment were born in the 1960s, a '60s themed party may be the perfect theme for a lively and rocking birthday party. Fortunately, creating this theme is easy and inexpensive with a few essential elements.

The venue

The ideal setting for a '60s themed birthday party is a small village hall. It's a great way to recreate the feel of a 1960s style dance hall, especially if the hall is a timber one that was built in that era. Many halls will have chairs and tables available for your use. If not, it's easy and cheap to hire them from a party hire company. Some companies also have retro, '60s style chairs available, which will further add to the '60s vibe you're trying to create.

Village halls have the added benefit of being incredibly inexpensive to hire, and they mean you can provide your own food and drinks. This is much less expensive than paying for a catering and drinks package at a function venue because you can buy your food and drinks wholesale and avoid paying the markup which function venues will charge.

The music

A truly great rocking '60s party won't be complete without a '60s soundtrack for your guests to dance along to. For a really authentic feel, you can hire a vintage jukebox from your local party hire company. These generally come pre-loaded with suitable music and your guests will be able to select songs of their choice without having to insert coins.

If a jukebox isn't available, then you'll need to turn to modern technology to save the day. Pre-load an iPod or MP3 player up with a '60s playlist that you can listen to through a portable stereo system. You may even be able to hire a high-tech replica of a retro radio to keep the theme going.

The guests' attire

Having your guests come along in authentic and colourful '60s style outfits will be the final key to achieving the perfect '60s party. Send invitations out well ahead of the party to allow your guests enough time to put together their costume. You can encourage them to dress up by letting them know there will be a prize for the best costume.

Fortunately, '60s style attire is fairly easy to recreate. Many stores sell '60s style dresses and men's suits and some older guests may even have appropriate clothing items stored away from the past. It's also a good idea to provide the details of several costume hire companies in your area that the guests might like to get their outfits from.

Reaching half a century is a big occasion and deserves a fantastic celebration. A rocking '60s party is the perfect way to create a wonderful occasion and treasured memories for your loved one.