Blind Sided: How to Clean Mildew from Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Posted on: 15 April 2016

Outdoor bamboo blinds are great at providing you with some shade during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, in a warm and humid climate, over time they can often begin to become covered in unsightly mildew. Below are some simple steps you need to take to clean mildew from your bamboo blinds, keeping them looking brilliant every time you need some shelter from the sun.

Dismantle the Blinds

You should carefully remove the blinds from the window and them dismantle them into their component parts, taking care not to damage them as you do so. You should also take note of how they are installed and how they fit together so you can easily reassemble them without any hassle.

Prepare Your Solution

In your bath, prepare a solution using 1 part chlorine or bleach and 2 parts warm water. Be careful of your clothing, as chlorine and bleach and cause discolouration or staining. You should ensure that the solution is thoroughly mixed before immersing the blinds.

Immerse the Blinds

The solution should be deep enough to allow you to immerse the blinds completely. Wearing gloves, you should move the blinds around slightly so that every part comes into contact with the solution. Let the blinds soak in the bath for a few minutes, which will give the solution the chance to soak into every nook to effectively remove the mildew.

Clean and Wipe

When a few minutes have passed, you should lift the blinds from the water and wipe them down using a clean, damp cloth. Sometimes mildew can be quite tough, so you may need to wipe some areas several times before they are clear.


Once you are happy that you have removed the mildew, you should use another clean, dry cloth to wipe the blinds dry. If the sun is shining, placing the blinds outside in the sun can help them to fully dry.

Anti-Fungal Spray

To protect your blinds from future mildew attacks, you should apply an anti-fungal spray. If you live in a particularly humid area, it is worth repeating the anti-fungal treatment every month to keep mildew at bay.

Rehang the Blinds

You are now ready to rehang the bamboo blinds, safe in the knowledge that they are now mildew free. To avoid future problems with mildew, you should avoid rolling the blinds when they are wet, as this can encourage its growth.

With regular maintenance, bamboo outdoor blinds can last for many years, providing you with some great-looking protection from the sun.