Air Conditioning | 4 Probable Triggers Behind Excessive Air Conditioner Water Leaks

Posted on: 16 May 2016

When you run your air conditioning unit, you'll probably notice water trickling from the drainpipe. When you walk outdoors and find a water puddle below your condenser unit, you should know that this is relatively normal. Water formation typically depends on factors like outdoor temperature and thermostat setting. Some water condensation near your drainpipe is perfect normal on hot and humid days, but if you notice excessive water leaking from the drainpipe or from your unit itself, then this could be a sign of a larger problem.

Faulty Installation

Proper installation is key to your air conditioning unit running efficiently. If your air conditioning unit is relatively new, and you notice excessive water leaking from your drainpipe or from the unit itself, then it is usually because of faulty installation. For instance, if an AC unit is tilted inward, the water will flow incorrectly out of the drain and will drip inside the room instead of outside. Ideally, AC units should be installed with a slight backward tilt, allowing water to flow properly outside.

Condensate Drain Pan Breaks Or Cracks

A condensate drain pan is located below the evaporator coils of your air conditioning unit. This condensate drain pan catches water that runs through the AC system and passes it onto the drainpipe, which then directs water away from the unit. If the condensate drain pan is cracked, rusted or broken because your AC is too old, then water may start leaking from your air conditioner.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters block out harmful pollutants from entering your home through your air conditioning unit. These pollutants remain embedded and dirty air filters over time. When the air filters of the AC unit are partially or completely dirty, the evaporator coils will most likely start to freeze up because cool air isn't allowed to freely flow through it. This will cause excessive water to leak from your drainpipe.

Drainpipe Blocks

When your air conditioning unit runs, it produces water over time thanks to the condensation process involved in cooling air. The water produced inside your air conditioner reaches the drain pan through the drainpipes. If these drainpipes are blocked because of leaves, twigs and other debris, then excess water will accumulate in the drainpipe and will leak out of your AC directly. Cleaning your drainpipe should take care of this problem.

If you notice excessive water leaking from your drainpipe or from the unit itself, then be sure to call an air conditioning technician immediately to get the problem fixed.