Choosing Double Glazing: Is Laminated Glass the Best Option For a Family Home?

Posted on: 8 June 2016

If you have kids, safety around the home is always an issue. While you may already have taken steps to make the inside of your home safe for your children—making sure that they don't fall down stairs, trap their fingers in cupboards or stick inappropriate items in electrical sockets—you may not think about the structure of your home as much.

However, if you're about to choose new double glazing, it may be worth adding safety to the mix by considering using laminated glass for your windows and doors. This kind of glass may add a useful level of protection for your young family. But how does laminated glass protect your kids?

What Is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is basically a glass sandwich. Sheets of glass work like the bread in the sandwich; the filling is made up of a layer of a plastic material that is bonded in between the glass sheets. This plastic makes regular glass safer when it is broken.

If you break a window or door that is made from laminated glass, the glass won't shatter into lots of big and sharp pieces that fall out of the frame. The impact that causes the glass to break is affected by the plastic layer. This layer absorbs some of the impact shock; the shards of glass tend to stick to the plastic rather than fall out.

Why Is Laminated Glass a Safer Option for Kids?

Kids can be an accident waiting to happen. If you have toddlers, you already know that kids at this age find their feet but don't really know how to use them yet. This makes them prone to falls, tumbles and accidents while they learn how to walk properly. Older kids may have mastered walking but may then spend their lives running from A to B without a care in the world or a thought for safety.

If a child falls into a glass door or against a glass window with enough force to break it, the child could get badly cut by the glass that comes out of the frame. If the door or window uses laminated glass, this may not be as much of an issue, as the child is less likely to fall or step on pieces of glass that might injure them.

If you live in an area with severe weather problems, choosing laminated double glazing may also help protect you and your family from weather-related damage. For example, if heavy winds throw something against a glass door or window, the glass may well break and fall in on anyone who happens to be close to the frame. If this happens with laminated glass, there is less likelihood that pieces of shattered glass can be blown into the room.

While your main reason for choosing laminated double glazing may be safety, you may also keep your neighbours happier by using this kind of glass. The layering within laminated glass adds soundproofing qualities. If you have a tribe of noisy and energetic children, you may contain their natural exuberance a little more effectively with this kind of glass.