Some Reasons Why Your Roller Door May Be Malfunctioning

Posted on: 18 July 2016

A roller door is a bit different than a standard garage door, in that a roller door is made with separate sections that fold up onto each other and which then usually roll into a housing above the doorframe. A standard garage door is one full piece that swings out and then slides onto a frame on the roof of the garage. Because roller doors are a bit different in how they're made, you may not know what to check when one malfunctions. Note a few tips for when your roller door isn't working and what to look for, and when to call a technician to help.

Bent or dinged panel

A solid panel garage door that swings out to open doesn't travel along a track inside the garage door frame, so if the panel is dented or dinged, this might not stop it from opening. However, since a roller door is made up of many small panels that travel along a track inside the doorframe, if one panel is dented or dinged, this can pull that panel away from the track and stop the entire door from moving.

You might check the inside and outside of the door for any dents or dings and then note if that damaged panel is not lining up properly in the track inside the doorframe. You may be able to repair a small dent yourself, depending on the door's material and the extent of the damage, or may need to have that one panel replaced altogether.

Obstruction in the housing unit

The roller door itself may be fine but it may not open or close if there is an obstruction or damage to the housing unit. If the door panels cannot fold on each other and roll into that encasement above the door, the door itself will simply stop moving. Note if there is damage to the housing unit or a buildup of dirt, grease, or other such materials inside that are stopping the door from moving.

Track is out of alignment

For a roller door to function properly, it needs to move smoothly along the track inside the door frame. If the track is out of alignment, the door cannot roll up or down; a track may come out of alignment if a garage should settle or shift slightly, just as your house settles. You may have also damaged the track by brushing up against it with your car or bike or other such item. Use a carpenter's level to check the track and note any areas where it's not level and have it replaced as needed. For assistance, talk to a professional like The Roller Door Doctor.