How to Organize Your Clothes For a Built-In Wardrobe

Posted on: 29 July 2016

A built-in wardrobe can be a great alternative to a closet in a room that needs more storage space or for rooms where no closet was actually built. When using a built-in wardrobe, you might need to get organized so everything you have fits easily in the space, as these are often a bit smaller than a walk-in closet. Note a few tips on how to organize your clothes and store everything neatly and easily in a built-in wardrobe.


You might have a hard time purging clothes because you think you'll wear something again, even though you haven't worn it in years. In this case, purge these items from your wardrobe but not your possession. This means to remove clothes you haven't worn in the last year and store them elsewhere; some bins you slide under the bed can often work. They won't take up room in your wardrobe but you don't need to part with them either.

Put daily stuff out front

There is no right way or wrong way to organize a closet; you might prefer to organize by color or group wardrobe items together, but one consideration is to put your daily stuff out front. This means the items you wear most often; these should be within easy reach, rather than off to one side or buried in a drawer. For many people, this can mean their slacks and shirts they wear to the office; your weekend clothes can then go in the back, in a drawer, or to the side. You won't need to rifle through those items in order to reach the clothes you need every day when you put your daily things in front.

Keep what you need visible

For a built-in wardrobe with drawers, be sure you're folding so that you can easily see what identifies your clothes. For example, you might choose your t-shirts according to the front design, so rather than fold them in half, fold the top part one third of the way to the back and fold the bottom third back as well. The middle of the t-shirt will then be visible when in the drawer. For shoe storage, you might want to stack them with the toe pointed to the back of the wardrobe so you see the heel height, or put the heel to the back so you can easily see the shoe design at a glance. This will keep your closet organized so you're not rifling through items, trying to find what you need.