Mobile Locksmiths Are Your Best Bet For A Quick Lock & Key Service

Posted on: 23 April 2015

Although mobile locksmiths offer the same services that other locksmiths provide, it is their delivery method that makes them a better option. They travel in specially-equipped vans that double up as their workplaces. This makes a huge difference when it comes to delivery of services. Read on to see why. They Are a One-stop-service for All Your Needs It's common to call a technician to your workplace or home, only to find out that the work at hand cannot be completed on the same day.
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How To Identify The Best Cylinder Locks

Posted on: 13 April 2015

A lock cylinder is a lock mechanism in which different components, such as lock pins, are made to line up once a key is inserted in the lock so that once the key is turned, the lock opens. You should pick only the best locks with lock cylinders if you want to deter burglars from getting into your house. This article discusses some features of the best locks with lock cylinders.
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How to Keep Cane Toads out of Your Garden

Posted on: 27 March 2015

Cane toads are rapidly spreading across Australia despite the government's best efforts to stop them.  If you have cane toads in your area, you don't want them to invade your garden; they are poisonous to pets, kill native species and can cause nasty skin irritation if their toxin comes into contact with your skin.  Here's how to keep cane toads out of your garden. Toad-proof fencing Cane toads are attracted by water in which they can breed.
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3 Things to Do Before Applying Epoxy Paint On Your Wood Floor

Posted on: 13 March 2015

Epoxy is made up of resin and a hardener. The hardener is a catalyst for the chemical reaction that takes place when the two substances are mixed to form a stiff plastic substance that is well known as epoxy paint. Epoxy floors are strong, durable and have the ability to endure a lot of pressure; they can be used in industrial settings. Due to these features, epoxy paint works best for concrete floors, for instance garage floors, which only require normal cleaning prior to coating.
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