How To Throw A Rocking '60s Style party For Your Loved One's Fiftieth Birthday

Posted on: 9 March 2016

A fiftieth birthday is a huge milestone in a person's life and many people see it as an occasion to celebrate. If you are throwing a party for a loved one's fiftieth birthday, you may be thinking about having a fun and appropriate them for such a momentous occasion. As people turning fifty at the moment were born in the 1960s, a '60s themed party may be the perfect theme for a lively and rocking birthday party.
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Nursery Decor Cheats For Time-Poor Expectant Mothers

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Creating a beautiful and welcoming nursery for a new arrival is often on top of the checklist for expectant mothers. However, for women who are still working full-time or who have other children to care for, finding time for this task may seem impossible. Fortunately, armed with the right knowledge, you can completely transform a room into a delightful nursery in no time at all. Buy ready-made curtains Even if you have sewing skills, finding the time to make your own curtains may be difficult.
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Split Air Conditioners | 3 Tricks To Elongate The Lifespan Of Your Split Cooling Unit

Posted on: 10 February 2016

Split system air conditioners are ideal for cooling rooms without taking up too much space on walls or windows. Like any other electrical device, your AC is subject to regular wear and tear. Consisting of both outdoor and indoor units, these split system air conditioners needs proper maintenance and care to keep them functioning for longer.  Here are some tricks to help you elongate the lifespan of your split cooling unit.
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How To Enhance Your Awning With Lettering Or Graphics

Posted on: 20 January 2016

A decorative awning not only provides welcome shade for your patio or decking, but it can also be used to enhance and complement your outdoor d├ęcor scheme.  You can make your awning truly individual by adding lettering or even your own graphics.  Read on to find out more. What you'll need fabric chalk (available from dressmaking or haberdashery shops) clear shellac paint primer acrylic latex paint paint brushes hairdryer The paint, primer and brushes can all be obtained from good DIY stores.
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